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Transfer Case Repair

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If you own a 4-Wheel Drive, All Wheel Drive (AWD), or a multiple powered axle vehicle then your vehicle has a Transfer Case. Basically, the job of the Transfer Case with 4-Wheel Drive vehicles is to “transfer” power from the transmission to both the front and rear axles. This is done through separate drive shafts. When parts become worn or in some cases when the transfer case output shaft seal develops a leak and the fluid escapes, the transfer case can no longer be properly lubricated. If left unattended, the parts inside the transfer case will eventually wear out and overheat. If this occurs the vehicle will no longer be able to convert to 4-wheel drive operation. Repairing this can be very expensive!

Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly & Avoid Costly Repairs by

Properly Servicing Your Transfer Case

Signs of a Damaged Transfer Case Output Shaft Seal

  • If the transfer case output shaft seal has developed a leak, the volume of fluid and thus the lubrication of the component decreases. This result in a loss of fluid pressure. The immediate result of this is that you find it more difficult to shift gears. This would be true for either an automatic or manual transmission. If you ever experience this moving from high to low or low to high gears, bring your vehicle in to one of our convenient Classic Lube locations where an expert technician can examine your vehicle’s transfer case for leaks.
  • At one time or another all of us have experienced the noise created when gears grind in a vehicle. Perhaps it was when you were learning to drive a manual transmission and hadn’t mastered use of a clutch and gearshift. In cases where the output shaft seal actually breaks or just wears out, you will hear that same kind of grinding noise coming from beneath your vehicle. Should you experience this grinding, you have a serious problem and need to address it immediately. Again, the experts at Classic Lube are fully trained to diagnose and correct these problems and get you back on the road.
  • If you ever experience your 4-wheel drive vehicle jumping in and out of 4-wheel drive operation when it’s set for 4-wheel drive, you need to visit your closest Classic Lube location. If your vehicle is jumping in and out of 4-wheel drive, it’s a clear indication that you have broken parts inside your transfer case. This is also a result of leaking fluid from the output shaft seal, causing the parts inside the transfer case to become worn. If you ever notice any reddish fluid on the ground where you park your vehicle, take this as a sign to get to your closest Classic Lube to have your transmission and transfer case inspected. In most cases this may just require a new transfer case output seal to be installed and you can avoid costly damage to your vehicle.
Whatever you drive, the professionals at Classic Lube can service and maintain your vehicle to keep you on the road and away from expensive repairs. Stop in to one of our convenient locations and find out what so many people already know. For over 2 decades Classic Lube has been the place to count on to keep your vehicle performing at its best.

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